Web Portal

Web Portal

Web portal means a specially designed Web Page where diverse information sources are put together in order to provide easy access to varied types of information. Web portal offers information in a uniform way so as to simplify the process of information attainment. Generally every information source is given a specified area on the page so as to display the information in such a way where the user can easily configure whatever he wants to display.

LAPS has designed a Specialized Web Portal to facilitate our valued Students and Parents. Through this Web Portal, Parents can easily access the complete academic information of their children. They can avail themselves of access to the following services such as:

    1. Student Diary
    2. Student Result
    3. Event Notification
    4. User name/password
    5. Calendar
    6. Date Sheets
    7. Course Sheet
    8. Time Table
    9. Student Policy
    10. Updates
    11. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester Syllabus
    12. Computer Practical Syllabus

In this web portal, the Students are provided with a “User ID” and “Password” in order to gain access to their relevant Academic Information.

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