In 1989 LAPS took the initiative to provide quality education to students belonging to all socio-economic backgrounds. Hence, our institution provides educational services at a reasonable cost. This project began under the name of Al-Hadeed Foundation School. LAPS, is a private institute officially recognized and registered with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.-Nelson Mandela.

Having felt this necessity the Chief Executive Officer of LAPS took the initiative to provide quality education to the students belonging to all socio-economic backgrounds. We believe that such efforts are fruitful only when they start from the grass root level of the society. Hence, our institution provides educational services at a reasonable cost.

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Activity Based Learning

LAPS believes that learning can be made best when it is initiated in a surrounding environment and motivated by providing optimum opportunities to learners. In order to achieve the first class outcome, modern ways of teaching are adopted. The idea of activity-based learning is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of information. The key feature of the Activity Based Learning method is that it uses child-friendly Educational Aids to foster self-learning, confidence and allows a child to study according to his/her aptitude and skill.

Meaningful Education at Affordable Cost

Sky-rocketing school prices, diminishing asset values, stagnating incomes and ever – increasing dearness have given birth to the wide spread perception that schools have gone beyond the affordability for the majority of people which, we feel is not a “constructive idea”. The provision of quality education at affordable cost is what we call “constructive idea”. LAPS has the credit to support the parents of all classes so that their children may get education and thus help in nation building. LAPS is already providing quality education at affordable cost. Our ever – increasing enrollment rate is sufficient indication that the majority of education seekers are comfortable with us, our policies and very economical fee package.

Assessment & Evaluation

At LAPS, students are assessed on the basis of their progress in acquisition of skills related to thinking, learning and relationship with others rather than for their ability to memorize content from the textbooks. A portfolio of the child’s progress contains results achieved in Monthly Tests, First Term & Second Term Examination, Final Examinations and Teacher’s Assessment of the student’s social and moral development. Our Academic Committee always strives to develop the best Assessment & Evaluation practices keeping in view the latest researches. The Assessment & Evaluation practices and Methods are fully consistent with our learning goals, curriculum and mode of instruction.

Insured Study Plan

Your Commitment Today – Their Education Tomorrow

A quality education for a child is like a dream for the parents. It becomes impossible for the Parents who are already heavily burdened, especially those with 3-4 children in a family, to continue to bear ever increasing expenses unless they have planned for it in advance.

Insured Study Plan is one of the most overlooked part of our child`s quality education. It might seem unimportant, but you’ll feel tremendous relief if you have Insured Study Plan in place because the process of insurance has been evolved to safeguard the interests of people from uncertainty by providing certainty of payment at a given contingency.

School Inspection Team

A special inspection team is formulated by the Campus Management to oversee the academic performance at different campuses. The responsibility of Inspection Team includes monitoring of class room practices, surprise tests, counter-checking of answer sheets, maintenance of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and security of students. The Inspection team consists of trained, experienced and skilled members to pin point the grey areas with solutions so that the standard of education within LAPS campuses can be improved. The main objective of LAPS inspection Team is to ensure that high standards are maintained in all domains of our educational system.


As Employee

We are an equal opportunity employer and maintain an objective and non-discriminatory policy towards all employees and applicants. We offer contract based employment with a promise of a bright career.


As Franchise

Our franchise owners have the opportunity to get benefit from our vast business experience. LAPS has achieved a prestigious name in business market and our franchisee can acquire prominent visibility with our network.

LAPS is where you build your future. Join Us Today.