Admission Policy

  • Admissions- to Preschool (Reception, Nursery, Prep and One) continue throughout the year- are based on interview and assessment/test carried out by the Admission Officer. The Admission Officer assesses the child in order to determine his/her level and makes recommendation for further process
  • Admissions- to Primary, Middle and Secondary level- are accepted at the start of Academic Year (April), are subject to written test/assessment followed by a one on one interview with the Principal/Admission Committee
  • Dates for admission test & Interview are also announced in due course of time. Admissions are subject to availability of seats and number of admissions in each class.
  • Prior to assessment/test the parents / the guardians must submit the admission form alongwith the required documents (if required).
  • In all cases merit is the sole standard for admission. The decision of the campus management cannot be challenged in any way and will be considered as final.
  • Admission remains provisional until the admission dues are paid.
  • If admission dues are not paid within the due date the admission is automatically cancelled.