Admission Test

Reception, Nursery, Prep and One

At the reception, nursery and prep level, an informal/formal assessment according to child’s age is conducted. Test is given and after checking it, the test paper is shown to the parents during the meeting for interview with Admission Panel/Principal. General observation, language and numeracy skills of the child are assessed. Assessment of the confidence of the child and motor skills are also taken into consideration. The screening & evaluation process takes thirty minutes in peaceful and stress free environment. All this process provides the Admission Panel/Principal with an opportunity to meet and assess the child.

Class II to X

  • Children seeking admission to II class to class X are assessed in three/four core subjects i.e. Urdu, English, Mathematics and Science (according to the class)
  • Duration of admission assessment paper is approximately 30 minutes.
  • The child must bring his/her own stationery box.
  • The question paper is of a general nature designed to evaluate language and mathematics skills.
  • Assessment/test paper is only shown to parents/guardian.
  • Parents are notified on the spot otherwise time and date for the result is given.