The unified examinations ensure uniformity in syllabus coverage as well as the marking process. LAPS has developed its own centralized examination department to ensure the integrity of the examination process.

The regular assessments, projects and presentations (carried out in the Multimedia rooms equipped with interactive Boards) have a diagnostic purpose that indicates students’ strengths and weaknesses in specific skill areas.

At the end of the academic year, the students are systematically assessed how well the expected learning outcomes in the curriculum for that year they have achieved. Promotion to the higher grade is based on these systematic assessments, and those students who do not achieve the expected targets will have to repeat the grade.

Examination times and dates must strictly be adhered to. Exams/tests not taken on the set date cannot be retaken whatever the reason may be. However, in case of severe medical reason during exams the effected student(s) may be promoted to the next grade on the basis of his/her last term examination percentage. The students are advised not to miss any exam(s) as it will seriously affect their promotion to the higher grade.