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Investing in Education

The Government of Pakistan is taking keen interest in making the education industry of Pakistan a strong one. In this regard, the Federal Cabinet passed a National Education Policy Bill according to which Government will act as an enabler to produce an education based future economy. On the whole the future of Education in Pakistan is very bright and will continue to grow for good.

Money well spent on education could be your wisest investment.

Investing in an Education sector is a sound proposition. LAPS franchising is a booming business in education sector. Our growth is the result of our dynamic partnership with business partners in Lahore – Pakistan.

Why Invest with LAPS?

Franchise Model gives individuals the opportunity to go into business for themselves with an excellent chance of success at a minimum risk. Starting a new business from a scratch is inherently risky decision. Most studies conclude that over 90% individual businesses fail/collapse within 3 to 5 years. Keeping in view this fact, U.S. Department of Commerce studies has shown that over 92% of franchised businesses are still operating after 5 years.

LAPS has already had more than ten satisfied business partners across Lahore. Those who have associated themselves with LAPS have grown and prospered.

LAPS franchise owners have the opportunity to be with us for more than two decades. LAPS with its twenty five years of business experience, has become a proven business model and a brand name whose services are well accepted in many markets.