Fazal Mamdot Foundation is formulated to work for the betterment and uplift of lives of people in the Village of Mamdot. Mamdot is a village in the district of Talagang, Punjab. Although a few government run schools and one Fauji Foundation school is present there, the statistics of gaining education have not improved in the past. There is an absence of high school within the village and as a result the students have to travel a distance of at least 15km to go to the city to attend school.

In the past, military recruitment has been the main occupation in Mamdot for men. However, with the enforcement of new regulations which require a basic education till matriculation, this occupation is no longer available to the majority of men in Mamdot. Hence, the balance has been upset and now increasing numbers of youngsters are unemployed. Moreover, drug abuse has become rampant because of the disappointments and lack of opportunities for these people.

Another major cause of concern is the deficiency of water for the irrigation of crops. Mamdot is a barani area and relies mainly on rainfall for irrigation of crops. However, this is an unreliable method and hence there is a dire need of more tube wells in the area.

Planned Projects:

  • Sports academies/ Supply of Sports Equipment
  • Donation of books and tutors
  • Educating children
  • Solar powered Tube wells

For more information, please visit https://fmf.org.pk/