Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment & Evaluation

At LAPS, students are assessed on the basis of their progress in acquisition of skills related to thinking, learning and relationship with others rather than for their ability to memorize content from the textbooks. A portfolio of the child’s progress contains results achieved in Monthly Tests, First Term & Second Term Examination, Final Examinations and Teacher’s assessment of the student’s social and moral development.

Our Academic Committee always strives to develop the best Assessment & Evaluation practices keeping in view the latest Researches. At LAPS, the Assessment & Evaluation practices and Methods are fully consistent with our learning goals, Curriculum and mode of Instruction. We assess and evaluate our Students learning through structured Examinations. Our Assessment & Evaluation practices are unbiased and reflect a student’s actual Knowledge.

At LAPS, our designed Co-curricular Activities act as an enhancement and complement to our main Syllabus. These Activities play an important role in the personality development of our students and also boost their Confidence level.

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