Fee Structure Laps

Fee Particulars Type Payable Time / Frequency New Admission Re-admission Transfer/ Migration
Registration Fee Onetime Admission
Admission Fee Onetime Admission
Tuition Fee Regular Admission,Monthly
AME Annual Admission,January-Slab
ICT & Portal Charges Regular Monthly
Computer Lab Charges Regular Monthly
Science Lab Charges Regular Monthly
Generator Charges Regular Onetime / Monthly
Insured Study Plan Optional Monthly
Student Card charges Regular
Transfer / Migration Fee(inter/Intra city) Regular Transfer / Migration
Migration Certificate Charges Regular Issuance
Other Certificate – Term Freezing, Campus Leaving and any other types Regular Issuance
Duplicate copy – certificate Regular Issuance
Duplicate copy – card Regular Issuance
Duplicate copy – fee challan Regular Issuance



  • All fee and other charges are paid in advance and to be made / deposited in Cash through designated Bank. Management will not be responsible for the payments deposited in Campus.
  • All admission fee and other charges are refundable as under;
Description Deduction Refund
Withdrawal within 15 days from the date of admission 25% 75%
Withdrawal within 30 days from the date of admission 50% 50%
  • Sibling discount on scheduled admission and tuition fee / on actual fee will be as under;
Child Percentage Child Percentage
1st 00% 4th 30%
2nd 10% 5th 40%
3rd 20% 6th and onward 50%
  • Admission fee, tuition fee and other fees/charges are subject to a minimum 15% annual increase from April or reviewed from time to time with/without notice due to inflation.
  • AME (Annual Miscellaneous Expenses) is subject to a minimum 15% annual increase and charged on prorate basis from every newly admitted student for the calendar year. However in the month of January every year, AME will be charged for the full calendar year with incremental rate and at prorate basis for Class 10th and leavers.
  • Duplicate against loss of original certificate/card is subject to the fee as mentioned above for 1st issuance and multiple of the original price.
  • No Registration & Admission fee will be charged in case of Transfer or Migration from LAPS one campus to other Campus.
  • The campus will not release/issue student records in any case (i.e. to another campus or to parent(s)) until all financial obligations are paid in full.